(theory ArraysEx

 :smt-lib-version 2.6
 :smt-lib-release "2017-11-24"
 :written-by "Cesare Tinelli"
 :date "2010-04-28"
 :last-updated "2015-04-25"
 "Note: history only accounts for content changes, not release changes.
  2015-04-25 Updated to Version 2.5.
  2010-08-15 Minor fix.

 :sorts ((Array 2))

 :funs ((par (X Y) (select (Array X Y) X Y))
        (par (X Y) (store (Array X Y) X Y (Array X Y))) )

 :notes "A schematic version of the theory of functional arrays with extensionality." 

 "For every expanded signature Sigma, the instance of ArraysEx with that signature 
  is the theory consisting of all Sigma-models that satisfy all axioms of the form 
  below, for all sorts s1, s2 in Sigma: 

  - (forall ((a (Array s1 s2)) (i s1) (e s2))
      (= (select (store a i e) i) e)) 

  - (forall ((a (Array s1 s2)) (i s1) (j s1) (e s2))
      (=> (distinct i j)
               (= (select (store a i e) j) (select a j))))

  - (forall ((a (Array s1 s2)) (b (Array s1 s2)))
      (=> (forall ((i s1)) (= (select a i) (select b i)))
               (= a b)))

 "For all sorts s1, s2 in in the signature, the values of sort (Array s1 s2) are

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